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School council members

At our last School Council meeting, we discussed how the classes felt everything was working around school with the changes we made due to COVID-19. Here are some examples of the children’s thoughts and ideas and the responses to these ideas:


“We need new paper towel dispensers”.

Mrs Barnsley has ordered and fitted new towel dispensers in the toilets.

“Some children are using too many towels and too much soap”.

The teachers are going to be holding class assemblies to talk about handwashing and using towels.

 “We don’t have a chance to visit the library now – could we have a rota?”

All classes are going to have a chance to visit the library each week.


“Can we have toilets and a sink in Class 5?”

This is a fantastic idea but unfortunately it would cost a lot of money. Maybe we could have a think about some fundraising we could do to raise the money towards it.

“Could we use the treehouse for book club?”

This is a lovely idea but because there are so many of you that want to go to book club, there isn’t the space. We will try and make sure everyone has more time to spend in our lovely new treehouse though.

“There isn’t enough space on the playground when it is split at lunchtimes”.

This is a problem for classes 3,4 and 5 at lunchtime. Hopefully when the weather isn’t so wet, we will be able to use the field a bit more.

“We would like to be able to play with more PE equipment.”

We will now be swapping the areas of the playground we use each week so you will all have more of an opportunity to use all the equipment in Shed Quarters.

“Can we bring our wellies to school again so we can go on the field when it is wet?”

The teachers talked about this and we said that when it is wet, it destroys the field so when it is dry and the field isn’t too soggy, we can definitely use our wellies.