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Important letter re re-opening of school 1.6.20

Please find a very useful link to help assess whether your child can come in to school or not


Please find letter to Parents and Carers from Shropshire Council about the reopening of school

Parents and Carers Letter

Please find below a copy of the letter sent Friday.
This letter is aimed at giving you further details with regard to our working practices in order to do our best for
pupils and staff. As we work with children, we are not able to cover every eventuality but we have set out our plans
so far.
Please note: - If staffing levels can’t be maintained then we are likely to have to close some provision.
- This letter is not designed to be discussed with children. As we get closer, and if your child is coming to school, we
will send out a letter, or dojo video, specific to them.
- The following plan will change if the government expects all year groups back in school - The government is
encouraging children, who are eligible, to attend school but the Shropshire Council will not issue any fines for
families who wish to continue home school learning until September.
- We are requesting attendance information to help our plans (previous letter). If you choose not to come the first
week but then choose to come subsequent weeks (according to provision that is open) you will need to contact the
school in order for us to make preparations for this. The Trust are developing Covid 19 Risk Assessments which are
unique to each setting. When these are finished we are happy to share them with those who request. Further
government information can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/closure-of-educationalsettings-information-for-parentsand-carers/reopening-schools-and-other-educational-settings-from-1-june
We understand this is a lot of information. There will be those that want it and those that don’t. We are trying to do
our best and prepare as best we can for if we do open.
Arrival and Collection
- Children must be accompanied to school.
- A one way system will be used for drop off and collection. Parents to enter through the top pedestrian gate and
leave by the carpark gate. There will be signage up. Parents are expected to keep a 2 metre distance from each
other. Parents are encouraged to leave their child at the top of the gate rather than walking on the one way
- Key stage 2 pupils will be dismissed as usual and will meet parents at the top of the gate. Key Stage 1 parents
will line up, 2 metres apart alongside the gate and children will be sent to them.
- Children will enter through their usual entrance and go to wash hands first.
- Parents are asked not to come into school however one parent at a time can come into reception to liaise with
the office at a social distance if required. If possible, parents are encouraged to phone the office or dojo class
teachers. The school day will have staggered starts/ ends to relieve congestion
Arrival Departure Nursery (aged 3+) 9:30 am 2:30pm
Reception - 9:15 am 2:45pm
Year 1 - 9:00 am 3:00 pm
Year 6 - 8:45 am 3:15 pm
Families with more than one pupil in school may arrive at the earlier time and leave at the later time. I.e. if you
have a child in reception and Year 6, arrive 8:45am and leave 3:15pm
Social Distancing
We cannot guarantee social distancing, especially for younger pupils, but the following measures will be in place
- Hand washing on arrival and regularly through day
- Hand sanitisers will be provided by the school
- Children encouraged to use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze and use bins for tissue waste - Children will be
encouraged to socially distance where possible
- Children touching resources/sharing resources, especially in Nursery and Reception, cannot be avoided but
- Masks can be worn by pupils and staff, if they wish, but only if they are able to put this on and off by
themselves. Staff will not be able to adjust face masks for younger children during the day. Masks can encourage
children to touch their faces more and only protect others from germs. Masks are optional and not suitable for
younger children.
- Visors will be made available for staff as they may require use for intimate care/ first aid/ close contact with
pupils etc.

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