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Supporting Spelling

At Clee Hill Academy, children will be encouraged to explore a wide range of vocabulary therefore developing a deeper understanding and more accurate and precise use of spelling within their written work. 

 At both key stage 1 and key stage 2, children are assessed on their spelling not only in the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Test, but also as a key factor in their writing. 

In school, we are working hard to help your children to learn more about words in lots of ways:

  • spelling rules;
  • strategies to help them remember words/ patterns;
  • playing games - learning through repetition;
  • online games;
  • applying spelling in their writing. 

Would you like more ways to help your child at home?

See below for our information on spelling in school and ways you can help at home. 

Spelling workshop Powerpoint

Strategies for learning spellings

Word list years 3 and 4

Word list years 5 and 6