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Clee Hill Community policies are listed below. If you should require any other information, please contact the office.

Please click here for additional Trust policies including some additional safeguarding and staff policies


Clee Hill Community Academy Policies

Review Date

Accessibility Plan Feb 2023
Admissions Catchment Map N/A
Admissions Policy 2021-22 N/A
Admissions Policy 2022-2023 N/A
Admission Policy 2023-2024 N/A
Admissions Policy for the Nursery N/A
Antibullying Policy Nov 2022
Art Policy Jan 2022
Assessment Policy June 2023
Asthma Policy Nov 2022
Attendance policy N/A
Behaviour Policy Feb 2023
British Values Policy Jan 2024
Computing Policy Jan 2023
Design and technology policy Feb 2023
Educational visits and journeys policy - Sept 2019 N/A
Equality Plan Feb 2023
E-safety policy Sept 2022
EYFS calculation policy N/A
EYFS Policy OCT 2022
Feedback and Marking Policy MAY 2024
Fire Safety Policy JUNE 2023
Homework Policy SEP 2023
Intimate Care Policy MAR 2025
Knowledge and Understanding of the World Policy SEP 2022
LAC and PLAC Policy NOV 2022
Legionella Policy MAY 2023
Lost Child Policy SEP 2024
Maths Policy JAN 2023
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy (pupil) DEC 2024
More Able Pupil Policy JAN 2023
Music policy FEB 2023
PE Policy  MAR 2023
Phonics and early reading policy MAR 2022
PSHE policy JAN 2023
Reading Policy DEC 2022
Religious Education JAN 2023
Remote Teaching and Learning policy MAY 2023
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2021
SEPT 2022
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum JANUARY 2021 N/A
Science Policy JAN 2023
Sex and Relationship Education Policy JAN 2023
Spelling policy DEC 2022
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Policy JAN 2023
Sun Protection Policy SEPT 2025
Supervision Policy NOV 2022
Teaching & Learning Policy DEC 2022
Uniform Policy SEPT 2025
Writing policy DEC 2022
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