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  • Reception pupils start Wednesday 2nd September. All other pupils start Thursday 3rd September. Reception pupils start 2nd September. All other pupils start 3rd September.
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For trust-wide policies, please click below. Key additional Clee Hill Community policies are listed below. If you should require any other information, please contact the office.

SGET Policies

Pupil Premium Statement

Sports Expenditure


Filename Size Date
Accessibility Plan.pdf 152.6KB 07/08/2020
Admissions Policy 2019-2020 145.8KB 07/08/2020
Admissions Policy 2020-21 319.5KB 07/08/2020
Admissions Policy 2021-22.pdf 174.0KB 07/08/2020
Admissions Policy for the Nursery.pdf 125.7KB 07/08/2020
Antibullying Policy.pdf 484.8KB 07/08/2020
Art Policy.pdf 195.5KB 07/08/2020
Assessment Policy.pdf 98.3KB 07/08/2020
Asthma-Policy.pdf 180.1KB 07/08/2020
Behaviour Policy.pdf 387.1KB 07/08/2020
Computing Policy.pdf 176.4KB 07/08/2020
Design and technology policy.pdf 379.1KB 07/08/2020
Educational visits and journeys policy.pdf 442.4KB 07/08/2020
Equality Statement.pdf 78.9KB 07/08/2020
Esafety policy.pdf 702.3KB 07/08/2020
EYFS calculation policy.pdf 3.7MB 07/08/2020
EYFS Policy .pdf 1.0MB 07/08/2020
Feedback and Marking Policy.pdf 550.3KB 07/08/2020
Handwriting Chant.pdf 70.0KB 07/08/2020
Homework Policy.pdf 197.5KB 14/09/2020
Intimate_Care_Policy.pdf 218.0KB 14/09/2020
Knowledge and Understanding of the World Policy.pdf 217.9KB 14/09/2020
Looked After Children Policy.pdf (1) 238.5KB 14/09/2020
Lost Child Policy.pdf 59.4KB 14/09/2020
Maths Policy 2019 - review Dec 2021.pdf 292.6KB 14/09/2020
Mental Health Policy.pdf 146.4KB 14/09/2020
More Able Pupil Policy .pdf 415.3KB 14/09/2020
Music policy 667.7KB 14/09/2020
PE Policy .pdf 350.4KB 14/09/2020
Progression-in-Writing.pdf 495.3KB 14/09/2020
PSHE policy .pdf 232.6KB 14/09/2020
Reading policy 2019.pdf 477.2KB 14/09/2020
Religious Education.pdf 247.0KB 14/09/2020
Remote Teaching and Learning policy.pdf 325.6KB 14/09/2020
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum MAY 202... 220.5KB 14/09/2020
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2020.pdf 746.8KB 14/09/2020
Science Policy.pdf 1.2MB 14/09/2020
SEND Policy.pdf 111.2KB 14/09/2020
Sex and Relationship Education Policy.pdf 140.6KB 14/09/2020
Spelling policy dec 2019.pdf 324.8KB 14/09/2020
Supervision Policy.docx.pdf 309.2KB 14/09/2020
Teaching & Learning Policy.pdf 553.0KB 14/09/2020
Wellbeing-Policy.pdf 268.2KB 14/09/2020
Writing policy December 2019.pdf 576.6KB 14/09/2020