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Welcome to Class 3!

Things you could do to continue learning at home:

Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack

Talk for writing units 

Year 2 Unit Discover what’s inside the magical box

Year 3 Unit Join Professor Folklore in finding the truth about trolls


Have a look at the exciting images on Pobble 365. Each day there is a new image- scroll down the page for writing suggestions to get you started.



Read Beth on the Nile on Purple Mash and complete the activities.

Write a book review of a book you have recently read.

Write a diary of your day

Write a letter to a family member

Write a poem about spring

Write a story based in Ancient Egypt

Write a set of instructions on how to wash your hands



Practise number bonds to 20 and 100


Improve your times tables by playing some of these games together:




Practise your calculation skills – look on the school’s calculation guidance for handy videos to help you:


Use raisins, grapes, sweets, or anything else you can share to help you find fractions of amounts.

Practise telling the time to the nearest five minutes



Our Science topic now is animals including humans  

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z9339j6 Find out about skeletons and muscles here.

There are many experiments and activities on here that you may enjoy:



Draw and label a diagram of a skeleton

Design a healthy eating plate or a healthy lunchbox split in to the five food groups


Research a question of your choice about the Egyptians and record your findings e.g. What did Ancient Egyptians eat?

Make a model of a pyramid

Draw a map of a Pharaoh’s tomb. Write a set of instructions of how to get out safely – remember to avoid any traps! Use directional language e.g. left, right etc..

Create an Egyptian themed board game and write a set of rules.

Research an Egyptian god or goddess and create a fact file, book or poster about them.

Research what Egyptian homes looked like. Make a model or draw a picture to show what they look like.

Keeping active:


Build an indoor obstacle course

Put some music on a design a dance routine to your favourite song

Make paper aeroplanes and throw them. Then collect it and bring it back to the start line without walking – this could be running, hopping, skipping, twirling, crawling


Life skills:

  • Learn to tie shoelaces
  • Prepare a simple meal
  • Learn some first aid


  • Practise typing skills
  • Simple sewing e.g sew a button on
  • Learn how to tie a knot
  • How to take turns – play a board game
  • Learn how to fold clothes




As the children enter class 3, we continue to encourage them to develop their independence and resilience. The children will meet many new aspects of the curriculum for the first time, which may seem daunting at first. But with a 'have a go' attitude, they will soon develop the confidence and skills required. Please pop in and see us if you would like to know more about an area your child has been studying.



This continues to be crucial, even for children who are now confident at reading aloud. In Year 3, we focus particularly on understanding the texts that we read and identifying the meaning of new vocabulary. We would be grateful if you would hear your child read at least 5 times a week and sign their reading diary. We appreciate your support in hearing your child read - it really does make a difference!

The children are responsible for changing their own reading book, which can be done at the start of the day. They are also responsible for taking their reading book home every day, although we will remind them!


Homework is sent out twice weekly. Mrs Richardson’s homework is sent out on a Monday and due in for a Monday. This is usually maths but occasionally, it will be a project relating to our topic. Mrs Little’s times tables homework is given out on a Friday and is due in on a Friday.


Autumn:   Location, Location, Location             

Spring: Tomb Raiders

Summer:    Lion King

Science topics

Autumn: Rocks and soils

Spring: Forces and magnets

Summer: Animals including humans – skeletons, Plants



Year 3 will visit Clee Hill Quarry in the Autumn term. We will also have a visit from Cuan Wildlife Rescue centre. They will also visit a Hindu temple.

In the Spring term, the children will visit Birmingham museum and Art gallery.

In the Summer Term, the children will visit the Safari Park to look at African animals.


Useful information:

We encourage children to come in to class 3 independently, saying goodbye to adults at the gate or veranda.

PE: PE is on a Tuesday afternoon.

Forest schools: Forest schools in help in the Autumn and Summer term on a Wednesday afternoon.

Useful things for class 3 to know:

How to tie their shoe laces.

How to tell the time on an analogue clock.

The x2, x5, x10 tables leading to the x3, x4, and x8

Number bonds to 20


Useful websites: